Why It’s Possible for ANYONE to Become a Digital Nomad

With a formalised induction into the digital nomad community and remote online job sites, you have all the resources you need to get started and start taking risks, like Planeahead.co. If you really want to become a digital nomad or become an independent place, the first thing you need to do is start working towards that goal. If you take it step by step and always remember that your ultimate goal should not just be to become a digital nomad, but to create a business that is 100% location independent so that you can return home whenever you want, you will have the time of your life.

However, becoming a digital nomad does not happen overnight – you need to save money, start a business with companies that offer remote locations, and try different places to see if you enjoy travelling as a nomad. Creating your own schedule, having a varied work environment, and avoiding commuting and travelling the world are just some of the reasons to become a digital nomad. And the good news is that becoming a digital nomad can be a lot easier than you think (even if you don’t have a lot of online skills just yet).

Service providers like Stjohnplumbing.net offer a window into a world where remote jobs aren’t traditionally office or computer type jobs. Something like the referenced plumbing trade is one which can be plied anywhere, but naturally you’d need to make sure to comply with the local labour laws.

I have detailed the benefits of working online and travelling here, but to sum up, there are three main reasons why people decide to become digital nomads. In the digital age, digital nomads are self-employed who lead technology-independent lifestyles that allow them to travel the world and work remotely. There has never been so much interest in digital nomadism: “people who choose a tech-independent, location-independent lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the world connected to the Internet.”

Successful digital nomads are a diverse group, ranging from people who own their own businesses to those who scout leads online or do odd jobs on the road while on the go. Whatever level of income you earn from remote work, the goal here is to become a digital nomad so you have the freedom to work and travel the world. Apart from this, there are so many other opportunities to start working abroad such as teaching English, working as a diving instructor or on cruise ships where you can still improve your skills to become a digital nomad in your spare time. There are many more options that will allow you to showcase your skills and become the best nomad you can be.

Of course, there are many other ways to make money online, like how Gram Tax Accounting doesn’t really need you to be on their premises for you to take advantage of their service. But if you are just starting out, many of them will fall into the secondary income hustle. If you’re looking for a job, look at sites that only list remote jobs, like We Work Remotely or Remote.co, and ask potential employers if the position is right for your nomadic lifestyle.

With 34% of remote workers working out of the office 4-5 days a week, if you’ve captured your travel cravings and want to escape your 9-to-5 life, the digital nomad lifestyle could be an exciting opportunity. Travelling the world while working in a foreign country is the dream of many. Now that they can work from anywhere in the world with a computer, people are taking advantage of this and starting to live a remote lifestyle. Remote work is becoming commonplace, which is exciting and rewarding for employees.

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