Visiting the Serengeti National Park and Borno State, Nigeria

Borno State in Nigeria is an interesting destination for any vacationer. Known as the ‘Land of the Gods,’ Borno State is situated on the southern coast of Nigeria. It is known for it’s fertile rice fields and the diverse wildlife that calls it home. Travelers to Borno State will experience first hand what native people call the’Highlands of Africa’ as they roam around the vast and beautiful landscape of the state.

The high-end resorts and hotels in Borno attract visitors by offering packages that include tours of the area, meals, tours of local landmarks, sightseeing, and even overnight accommodations in local guest houses and inns. The average cost of a seven-day trip to Borno with airfare is about $1, 279 for an individual traveler, and about double that for a couple. However, travel agencies that specialize in selling vacation packages to Borno offer great deals to travelers looking to spend a bit more on their trip. For these reasons, it has become common practice for Borno tour operators and travel agencies to offer package deals to tourists visiting the state.

Ever since the military rule was abolished in Borno State, there has been a gradual increase in the number of armed groups loyal to the Islamic radical group, Nigerian terror group, or Nigerian army. In response to this issue, Borno State government and other concerned parties have increased security forces presence, particularly in populated areas and along the railway line. It should be noted that the situation in Borno State is unlikely to change anytime soon because there are currently about eight to ten thousand members of various groups of which the remaining few thousand may join up as they see the opportunity.

As a result of the insecurity in the Borno State, the U.S. Embassy in Abuja has advised American citizens not to travel to Borno until security situation in the state is normal. The security situation in Borno State is not bad at all but the situation in neighboring zones is quite volatile. At the moment, the Nigeria-Uganda border is quite secure with occasional skirmishes between the two armies although this has not stopped people from travelling to Borno State and seeing the president of Nigeria. The Nigerian government has yet to announce any contingency plan for any such eventuality.

As a follow-up to this advice, the U.S. Embassy in Abuja suggested that U.S. citizens traveling to Borno State should consider taking a two-week safari break before visiting the state capital. The safari should include a visit to the Ngorongoro Conservation area and the Gorongoro crater. The Ngorongoro Conservation area is home to a wide variety of wild animals including the big five – lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalo. The area also offers a wide variety of plants and birds including the Lion-tailed nudibranch, the Royal Bengal crocodile, the Malayan painted frog, the desert salamander and the desert hermit crab. Taking a tour to the Gorongoro Crater is an exciting activity that any U.S. citizen can undertake during his/her second trip to Borno.

The last part of the itinerary to visit Borno for a week is to witness the wildlife in its natural habitat. The coast is a preferred destination for many tourists to visit but there is another unexplored area where one can see pygmy hippos, giant anteaters, spotted deer and wild dogs. The town of Borno, a prominent tourist town, has a railway station and bus services that connect it with other cities in the region. Taking a four-wheel drive is recommended when visiting the town for the coast and sand dunes and the last two hours of driving will give anyone enough scenic views to enjoy the area.

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