Tips to Enjoy the Best Hotel Stay

Many people have horror stories about their stays in hotels—from issues with booking to overcharging, problems with the room, and many others. Accommodation takes a large percentage of the money you use during vacation. To make it count, you need to ensure you enjoy the best hotel stay when on vacation.

Here are some ways for you to enjoy the best hotel stay, now and in the future. This early, begin by getting a discount on your hotel booking using the coupon. Some money off will go a long way in putting a smile on your face about your bargain accommodation.

Do Your Homework

Start by doing your homework on hotels in the area you want to vacation. Get to know how far the hotel is from town. Look up if there is any common crime in the area. Compare the prices between hotels. Also, compare the prices between directly booking with the hotel or a discount booking site. You can also use recent hotel reviews to know what people say about it.

Check in Early

You can check in early and check out late from your hotel room. It allows you more time to take advantage of the amenities. Most hotels are not 100 percent booked each night. So if you give your hotel a call before arriving, they can check you in early. On checking in, you can ask if you can check out late. They will allow you some time to sleep in and enjoy the hotel amenities.

Know the Hotel Amenities

Look online to see the different rooms the hotel has. Check out the services they offer their guests. Plan your schedule accordingly. Upon arrival, ask kindly to see a few of the different rooms.

Choose the one with the best view. It will make your stay more enjoyable. If there is a spa, get to know the specials they offer. Some have specials in the morning when the guest bookings are few. Take advantage of these specials.

Carry a Few Luxuries From Home

You can pack your favorite tea or coffee. You can also stock the pantry with your favorite snacks or carry your pillows and linen. Whatever will make you feel more at home. You can use the room refrigerator to hold food and drinks that you need to refrigerate.

Do Not Forget to Be Kind and Tip

Be kind to the staff and do not forget to tip anyone who makes your stay more enjoyable. It includes the front desk staff, bellhop, housekeeping, and maintenance. A small tip can go a long way in showing gratitude.

It will also make them more likely to go out of their way if you need anything. The staff is also likely to identify you. If you are kind to them and tip, they will always make your stay more enjoyable.

Loyalty Program

Many hotels have loyalty programs. These programs earn you upgrades, free night stays, and more.


The few tips above should get you on your way to making the most of your hotel stay. There are many other tips and tricks. Some of them you will discover on your own. Try them out!


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