Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe When You Travel

While for a while it might have felt like we’d never be able to safely travel again, the introduction of vaccines have given us something promising to look forward to. While you scour travel websites for deals on getaways, make sure to keep your home’s safety in the back of your mind. If you’re planning on leaving your house vacant for an extended period of time, then it’s in your best interest to plan out ways to keep it safe and secure during your time away. Enjoy your time away from the house—especially after months of being kept inside—by taking the right steps to keeping your home safe while you travel. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can do just that.

Unplug and Turn Off Appliances

You can save this step for the very end, but before you set off on your vacation, go through your house and shut off everything that doesn’t need to be on. Also make sure to unplug any unnecessary appliances. Leaving things plugged in can pose a fire hazard, so make sure to do a double check to make sure every outlet is taken care of. You’ll also want to turn off, or at least turn down/up, anything that will use up any unnecessary electricity or heat, like lights, heaters, and air conditioners. 

Check Alarms and Detectors

Speaking of fires, check up on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors before you leave the house. Since there won’t be any people around to alert the fire department that something has caught fire, checking the functionality of your alarms could save your house and belongings. This goes the same for carbon monoxide detectors. Simply changing the batteries and running a test will help keep your home safe and secure. 

Alert Neighbors or Friends

Before you head out on your adventure, call a neighbor or two and let them know that you will be out of town. If they see any suspicious activity, they’ll know to call the authorities. Some areas have what’s called a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watchers will connect with members within the group to help keep an eye out for suspicious activity. They’re also in cohorts with local law enforcement to look out for anything that could be crime related. If you have a neighborhood watch in your area, get in touch with them and see how you can join in. 

Install a Security System

A popular approach to keeping intruders out of your home is to install a security system. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these systems will essentially use technology to protect your house. You can opt for a system that is monitored or unmonitored. With a monitored system, you’ll get the benefit of a company contacting the police or fire department if your home were to be compromised. They’ll also be in communication with you about the situation. Unmonitored systems are more passive and will trigger loud sounding alarms if someone were to break into your home. Most new systems can be connected to your smart phone and are also a great home improvement idea. 

Home value estimators might be able to show you the value of your home, but it can’t show how valuable it is to feel safe and secure there whether you’re home or not. By using the above tips and tricks, you’ll be traveling the world worry free yet again! Enjoy your travels and leave your home safe and sound. 

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