Exploring As a Spiritual Human Being

Exploring has become the buzz word in recent times with growing interconnectivity amongst people. Some call it the search for meaning or purpose of life on this planet. Others believe that exploring is the process of acquiring information or knowledge about a particular topic. Exploring can occur in all animal species, including humans too. Research conducted in the field of zoology has led to the conclusion that human beings are the only living creatures that explore visually and mentally.

What exactly is exploring? To put it in simple terms when we are exploring we are looking for something. Explorers go out into space to find out more about space and if they come back knowing more they pass it on to others. While exploring we collect data about our environment, about nature and about ourselves. As a result we try to make our lives better by improving the quality of our environment and also trying to understand ourselves better so that we can improve on our personality.

A famous explorer was quoted as saying ”explorer, you have to explore because what you don’t explore will just be history.” Exploring is not just a matter of going out and taking an adventure, exploring is a process where you put yourself into the shoes of your soul seeker. As an explorer you have to be patient, take no pride in your expedition, take no prisoners and do not give up unless you reach your destination. A successful explorer knows that each step taken leads to a more meaningful journey.

So how does one go on an exploration? The explorer puts himself in the shoes of a spirit seeking creature searching out a meaning in life. Spirituality is a field of investigation into understanding our relationship to life and the universe. An activity based on spirituality is called exploration. When you want to know more about God or angels, researching more into that field will lead you into a more fulfilling life.

There are many fields of exploration. A few examples are ancient culture, anthropology, archeology, ecology, climate change, genealogical, humanities, marine biology, physical science, sociology, travel, wildlife, and psychology. How would you define your field of interest? What makes you tick?

Exploring gives us the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. As you explore, you may find yourself changing and evolving in areas of your life that you never thought you could. As a explorator you may decide that you want to be a spiritual person, you may decide that you want to help others, or you may choose to explore the unknown. No matter what your purpose for exploring you are sure to have many personal and professional benefits.

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