Can a Hotel Beat a Serviced Apartment in London?

With serviced apartments exploding in popularity across London, you might be wondering if the traditional hotel experience can even stand a chance. Do they still stack up, or do you need to just forget that they exist?

Well, in general, the best-serviced apartment London has to offer is going to beat the best hotel in 99% of situations.

However, hotels can sometimes be useful. So, we’re going to go over when you should go with a serviced apartment, and when you should go with a hotel.

Let’s get started.

When is a Serviced Apartment the Best Choice?

In most situations, a serviced apartment is simply the better option. You get far more room, you get more appliances to actually take care of yourself during your stay, the booking is more flexible, and in some ways, it’s actually cheaper. That is a pretty sound argument for just about any occasion.

Primarily, we recommend serviced apartments for three main occasions.

First, business trips are a big one. If you’re staying in London on business, you’re going to be extremely stressed out. You do not want to go back “home” to a tiny room with a microwave. You want a full, proper, living area that is fully furnished with everything you need to get by comfortably. A serviced apartment provides that. Not to mention, the ability to cook your own meals can keep you from shelling out for takeout every night. That saves you money and helps keep you in better health.

Then, you have to consider a serviced apartment if you’re a student or the parent of a student staying in London without staying on campus. Obviously, getting a degree takes a while, and even if you leave London between semesters, you’ll still need a proper place to live for about six to eight months at a time. The same benefits you’d get during a business trip apply to this, too.

Finally, families on vacation absolutely must check out a serviced apartment. There is no feasible way to cramp an entire family into a tiny hotel room comfortably. That can make a dream vacation to the city an absolute nightmare, and you really don’t need that type of stress when you’re supposed to be bonding.

When is a Hotel Appropriate?

There are very few situations in which we’d recommend a hotel over a serviced apartment. They’re simply too small, have too many limitations, and simply cannot match what a serviced apartment has to offer.

However, that does not mean that they are obsolete.

We primarily recommend a hotel for two situations.

First, if you’re going to be in the city for a single night, by yourself, and don’t want to spend a lot, you can get a hotel room for less than a serviced apartment, and all of the furnishings don’t matter as much.

Then, you can expect to have a good time if you and your partner are looking for a luxurious night out on the town. Some of London’s hotels, such as the ME Hotel, have world-renowned restaurants and bars built in, and you can practically have an all-in-one date night in a luxury setting. Just don’t book your stay too long. They get way too pricey.

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