How It All Began

Hi, I’m James, a native of the Midlands in the UK. Whilst the UK is a great place for travel it didn’t take long for me to want to go further afield and discover parts of the world I had yet to see. As someone who already loved the outdoors I didn’t need much motivation to find a way to make this happen. After setting up several businesses and having some success it gave me the financial security to be able to spent more and more time travelling.

So you may be asking - Why set up a website?

Good question! Initially I had no intention of doing so but after sharing a few photos and videos on social media and then showing them to friends they all suggested the same thing – set up a blog to document your travels and adventures and to give tips to those wanting to do the same.


My goal? Initially I didn’t really have one but then it occurred to me – if just one person plucks up the courage to follow their dreams, pack their toothbrush and suitcase and see the world after reading some of my stories then I will be more than happy that the site has done its job.

My Passion

My passion has always been adventure, climbing, sailing and hiking so I decided to go on a world tour and see what was out there. Since this started I’ve become a keen photographer and spent the last 5 years documenting my travels, creating hints and tips so you can do the same and meeting new friends across the world.

My First Trip

It was during my time creating my first business that I managed to get away on my own and see some of the places that fuelled my need to travel further. I had always been fascinated with Thailand, from seeing its beauty on films to reading about it in my many travel books. As a photography enthusiast it was a no-brainer to want to see these stunning islands for myself and to catalogue my journey. As soon as I had got that under my belt I knew this was the thing for me and my new life began.

My Favourite Destinations

My first love will always be Thailand. I spent a whole summer there and completely fell in love with the country and it’s people. There’s so much to do and explore – The Full Moon Party is an essential addition to your bucket list as it discovering it’s many beautiful beaches and countryside.


A stunning country. What’s to love? The food, the adventure, World Heritage Sites, cheap beer! the best street food you will ever taste, great coffee, museums and history, busy bustling streets filled with characters and hidden gems. I could go on but I think you get the picture!

Travel Highlights

Here’s a selection of some of my trips and experiences and the people I met along the way.