A Romantic Swiss Alps Getaway

Regarding romantic getaways in Europe, the Swiss Alps is a must-visit location for couples. The place is a charming gem with scenic views and a therapeutic ambience. It has abundant beautiful spots and bonding activities to help lovers relax and feel loved. Here is our breakdown of the best places and things to do on a romantic getaway in the Swiss Alps.

Top 10 Romantic Locations and Activities in the Swiss Alps

  1. Book a Romantic Luxury Resort

The first agenda for your romantic Swiss Alps escape is to find luxurious accommodation with a homely atmosphere. Fortunately, the Swiss Alpine region is full of beautiful resorts and hotels in different scenic environments. Some are even located in areas where you can enjoy scenic views of captivating landscapes straight from the suite.

The best resorts to check out include the Le Mirador Kempinski, Le crans Hotel and Spa, Mont Cervin Palace, Riffelalp Resort, and Bandrutt’s Palace, to name a few. They have amazing features and provide quality services that will make your stay in the Alps memorable. 

From in-suite saunas that enable you to relax in the privacy of your room, heated indoor swimming pools, and sports facilities, to skiing lessons in winter. A good resort is important to a satisfactory romantic escape in the Swiss Alps. You should choose wisely.

  1. Visit a Thermal Spa

While spa dates are great, a Swiss thermal spa date is magical. Considering its calming, therapeutic, and nourishing effects, you should have it on top of your itinerary. Even better, you could include a couple’s massage to help heal sore muscles, clear the mind, and ignite sensual pleasures.

Soaking in the mineral-rich, warm, and bubbly waters of the alps is what you need to kickstart your romantic staycation. If you want a more intimate thermal spa experience with your partner, you should look for thermal spas that are farther up the mountains. They’re less crowded and more serene. For instance, the Mineralbad & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad don’t allow kids in the thermal spa.

Now, since the thermal spas are outdoors, you’re assured of captivating views of iconic mountains, sunsets, and sunrises.

  1. A Cruise on the Lake 

While snow-capped mountain peaks dominate the aerial views of the alpine region, the valleys are home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. They include Lake Thun, Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, Lake Brienz, Lake Lugano, and more. 

The lakes are surrounded by breathtaking landscape views that would be great to soak in and photograph while on a cruise or boat ride. Plus, the lakes’ tranquillity sets the perfect ambience for lovers to reconnect and find love.

  1.  Paragliding and Skydiving Over the Alps

If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies or you just want to get up-close, aerial views of glacial lakes and peaks, you should go paragliding or skydiving over the alps. The thrill of the experience feels much better when shared with a loved one. It would be an amazing landmark for your romantic adventures.

  1. Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

A dinner date will forever be a classic romantic treat for lovers no matter where you go. However, it’s more magical in the Swiss Alps since the menus are full of delicious cuisines for your taste buds and the surrounding landscape overflows with natural beauty for your eye to enjoy.

If you dine at one of the many hotels along the lake shores, you can decide to take a romantic walk along the lake to talk, unwind, and enjoy the evening.

  1. Skiing, Snowboarding, and Sledging

A romantic trip to the Swiss Alps would be incomplete without skiing, snowboarding, or sledging. Especially in winter when the slopes are all set for a gliding experience. If it’s your first time, it would be interesting to learn the skill(s) together. 

The best place to take lessons would be at a ski resort with well-run slopes. But, you can also hop on a dog sled and enjoy a romantic ride on other snow-filled slopes around the Swiss alps.

  1. Hiking

A hike up the alpine mountains is therapeutic and romantic for couples in search of some peace and quiet. The scenic trails are filled with nature’s amazing beauty that makes the trek enjoyable. Some trails may be more challenging than others, but they all have magnificent views. If you have a camera, you’re likely to fill up its storage space with remarkable images.

The long walks provide a good opportunity to talk and connect with each other deeply. Also, if you want to propose, there’s no better place to ask the big question than at one of the many scenic spots, with beautiful landscapes playing witness to your romance.

  1. Take a Train Ride

Not a fan of hiking? No problem. You can still enjoy great attractions and sweeping views of the Swiss alps by taking a train ride. The trip will take you through the best scenery of the Alpine region. From green pastures and sunlit fields in summer to icy lakes and white mountain peaks in winter. Not to mention century-old bridges and vintage towns.

The best part is that the rides are slow to make sure you don’t miss anything. For instance, the Glacier Express takes 8 hours to cover 289 km of track. Now, combine the breathtaking views with the exquisite mountain wine served on the train and you’re sure to have the best time of your life.

  1. Take a Cable Car Ride

Take your romantic adventure to a whole new height (literally) by boarding one of the many cable cars. The long stretches of panoramic landscapes along the way are a sight to behold. They’re even more stunning when you get to the top. 

If you take the rotating cable car to Titlis then you don’t have to worry about finding a good sitting spot. The 360 rotation on transit ensures everyone gets a good view of the overlooking panorama.

The Matterhorn Glacier paradise cable car goes to the highest point above the sea (3821m) and features heated seats to make you feel comfortable. Others include the 007 cable car to Schilthorn that features in James Bond’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Services, the Glacier cable car, and the Eiger Express cable car.

  1. Go for a Wine Tasting Tour

To wrap up, take a winery tour to discover the delight of Swiss wine. You can start with the Swiss vineyards near Lake Como then head over to Valais. A good tour will take you through the lush vineyards, and wine storage, to the final tasting. You’ll even have a sommelier guide to educate you on the history and culture of Swiss wines.


From our list above, you can be sure of having a fulfilling romantic getaway in the Swiss alps. The entire place is a scenic paradise for couples—all year round. You should experience it to know exactly how it feels.

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