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A Quick Guide to European River Cruises

Europe ranks as the continent with the largest number of navigable rivers, initially, the great rivers were used as trade routes. Today, these rivers are used for cruising and feature a plethora of captivating sites such as vineyards, capital cities, castles and much more. For an opportunity to experience memorable scenery and exploration here’s a guide of the top European River Cruises.

Danube River Cruises

Europe’s second-largest river, Danube, showcases elegant and awe-inspiring cities such as Budapest which features alluring beauty. For a lifetime experience the Danube river cruises such as Scenic Cruises, Viking Cruises and Uniworld Cruises, are the perfect luxurious cruise vessels with itineraries running between   Vienna:  Austria, Munich, and Budapest.

Douro River Cruises

The Douro river is no exception when it comes to scenery and cities. In addition, Douro offers the ideal climate for outdoor river cruises. A Douro river cruise is a unique way to explore the best parts of Portugal which offer lifetime experiences such as tasting the world-famous wine and visiting the premises in which its life began. Some of the greatest urban spots highlighted by Douro river cruises include: 

Porto, Portugal

Porto, originally a Roman Empire settlement, features a mixture of experiences such as shopping, entertainment and warm weather sailing. In addition, you get to visit buildings like the Porto Cathedral.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is the largest city in Portugal. The city features plenty of activities such as visiting the 64-acre Eduardo Roman ruins and the Lisbon Cathedral.

Bitetos, Portugal

Along the Douro is a small village full of ancient Roman ruins, Bitetos. The village features the Benedictine Monastery of Alpendurada and visitors have the opportunity to tour the historic monastery as well as sip on tasty port wines.

Rhine River Cruises

Flowing from Switzerland through Germany, France and ending in the Netherlands the Rhine River features cities, museums, nightlife, fairy-tale castles, forts and ruins which provide a romantic, unearthly experience and the breathtaking snow-peaked Swiss Alps, all a scenic view offered by Rhine River Cruises. Some of the top tier European river cruise ships sail the Rhine River. They Include Scenic Cruises, Uniworld Cruises and Viking Cruises.

Main River Cruises

The Main River, a historic and stunning waterway features remarkable heritage architecture, inspiring cities and rich culture making it ranks as one of the most immersive choices of all European river cruises. The luxurious cruise vessels are tailored according to the traveller’s destination, entertainment and trip lengths.

Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Paris are some of the most popular cities you should visit on a Main River cruise. In addition, these cities are rich with Bavarian heritage such as Bavaria’s spirited drinking traditions.

Seine River Cruises

Cruising through its tranquil waters, the Seine River gives travellers an immersive experience that France has to offer. Among the many experiences, taking the Bateaux-Mouches excursion boat ride along the seine offers breathtaking views of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. A Seine River cruise offers architecture, art and history enthusiasts an experience of visiting the magnificent Palace of Versailles.


European River cruises offer cruise itineraries that are a combination of modern and comfortable amenities for a memorable experience and more fun.

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