March 2021

Travel Advice

Tips to Enjoy the Best Hotel Stay

Many people have horror stories about their stays in hotels—from issues with booking to overcharging, problems with the room, and many others. Accommodation takes a …

Travel Advice

Exploring the Cruise Ship Traveller Life

Get ready for your thoughts to surface, because for cruise ship crews, getting paid to visit ports around the world is just one of the …


Setting the Stage for a Remote-Working Transition

Remote work will become easier in the future as more and more companies realize they no longer need physical office space, and new technologies such …

Travel Guides

Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Maya Bay is one of the beaches that all travel agencies will take you to, so there is a constant stream of tourists. Beachside lodging …


Why It’s Possible for ANYONE to Become a Digital Nomad

With a formalised induction into the digital nomad community and remote online job sites, you have all the resources you need to get started and …

Travel Advice

Interesting Travel Vlogger Trends to Learn From

People love to watch Youtube videos before going on a journey to gather general ideas and reviews, but most of all they enjoy listening to …

Travel Advice

Affiliate Marketing Tips & Hacks for Travel Bloggers

I’m happy to share some tips to help you avoid trial and error in the first phase and help you earn real money from your …

Travel Advice

Booking Online Travel, Safely

Booking your trip has never been easier, thanks to the internet. With that being said, without proper precaution, there’s a chance you could be booking …


10 Places in the United States to Visit During Fall

Fall or autumn is the perfect time for a family trip. The weather is pleasantly cool before the winter freezes over. Depending on your preference, …


Visiting the Serengeti National Park and Borno State, Nigeria

Borno State in Nigeria is an interesting destination for any vacationer. Known as the ‘Land of the Gods,’ Borno State is situated on the southern …

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