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Don’t let the dreaded Covid dampen your enthusiasm to travel. Here are a few shots from my recent travels, it’s always exciting to discover new places, where will you go next?

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What Makes Hot Springs in Kyushu Japan So Special?

Hot Springs in Kyushu Japan is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. It offers an incredible beauty that one cannot miss …

Wuhan China
Travel Advice

Is it Safe to Travel to China After Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan?

Is it safe to travel to China after coronavirus outbreak of a highly contagious and deadly virus called Coronavirus? The fact is that the answer …

Paragliding in Switzerland
Travel Guides

Fly a Paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland

Paragliding over Interlaken, in Switzerland, has become a popular experience for many, and there are many flying schools that can provide you with the skills …

Favourite Destinations

Everyone has a favourite destination

Some places you travel to you just have to go back, they stick in your mind and you find yourself drifting off in times of quiet, before you know it you’re back there. My favourites? It’s impossible to choose between them – here they are …

Travel Blog - Vietman


Famous for its amazing views and busy streets, Vietnam is breathtaking. Also home to some of the cheapest and best street food you can possibly find. An unforgettable destination – The first opportunity you have please take it to visit this beautiful place.

Travel Blog - Thailand


Thailand was one of my first destinations and also my favourite. Starting with Bangkok as an inexperienced traveller I loved seeing the full moon party and what the place had to offer. Always welcoming and always stunning, highly recommended. What are you waiting for?

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