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Unexplained Places and Phenomena

Fortean Times
Printed in England but available in America as well, this monthly magazine is the definitive source for updates on strange phenomena occurring throughout the world. The web site contains great free content and selected articles from the printed magazine. The Breaking News section is updated every weekday with a collection of strange and unusual news stories.

FarShores features original articles and collections of links to stories dealing with anomalous phenomena. The site is updated daily and generally has a more comprehensive collection of links than other similar sites.

Ancient American
This bi-monthly American magazine publishes articles about archeology of the Americas before Columbus. The evidence presented in the magazine strongly points towards the possibility of contact between America and Europe, Asia and Africa hundreds and even thousands of years before Columbus “discovered” America. The web site is updated occasionally with articles reprinted from the magazine.

World Explorers Club
This site has several areas of interest to anyone interested in unexplained archeology or lost cities. World Explorer magazine publishes on topics such as lost cities, forbidden archeology and cryptozoology. Adventures Unlimited Press will send you a free catalog of the many books they publish on exploration and the unexplained. Also, check out the Conferences and Expeditions section for information on upcoming conferences and expeditions to exotic places. This web site is unfortunately rarely updated.

Xpeditions Magazine
This online magazine publishes articles and first hand accounts of ancient mysteries and forbidden archeology. They have free and members only content and the site is usually updated monthly.

Lost Civilizations and Hidden Mysteries
Jack Andrews investigates the evidence for lost cities and ancient contact between America and other continents. Most of the articles on this site deal with the possible existence of a secret cave located in the Grand Canyon said to contain astonishing artifacts. The site is updated sporadically.

Mysterious World
Doug Elwell publishes this quarterly journal to exotic travel destinations and mysterious places around the world. The site includes book reviews, press releases, an editorial and both long and short articles filled with great information.

Traveling, Camping and Hiking

The Lightweight Backpacker
One of the keys to enjoying yourself while traveling is to travel light. This site contains a wealth of useful information and tips to help you cut down on the weight of almost everything you carry. The site contains reviews, articles, a lively forum and a gear shop and bookstore.

Backpacker Magazine
Both the monthly printed magazine and the web site contain great information for anyone interested in hiking or camping. The Trail Talk Forums are also a great source of information.

Equipped to Survive
Founded by Doug Ritter, Equipped to Survive is a fantastic site with information on outdoors gear and survival equipment and techniques. Doug deals primarily with survival equipment and skills that a pilot might need in the event of a crash in a remote area. However, the information on this site is of use to anyone who does hiking, camping or exploring in remote places. The information found on this site just might save your life.

BackpackingLight is a great all around resource for lightweight backpacking information and gear. The site features articles and reviews of interest to backpackers and premium content available only to members. They also have a great online shop featuring some hard to find items of interest to backpackers who want to save as much weight as possible. Members of the site get a discount on all items purchased.

This site has alot of great content for anyone who enjoys backpacking. There are gear reviews, articles, a picture gallery and a very active forum. One of the coolest features of the site is a state by state breakdown of hiking trails and parks. If you want to get out there, but you're not sure where to begin, this is a great place to start.

This site is a great source for finding the best in ultra light camping gear. Weights are included for all of the gear they list.

Michael's Ultralight Backpacking Page
Michael Connick writes about his own weight saving techniques and gear selection. The site has several great articles and links to useful resources.