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The Lost History of Easter Island (Part 2)
In part two of my report from Easter Island I visit a stone platform bearing remarkable similarities to several Incan sites found in Peru. I also travel to the largest ahu on the island and begin my investigation of the volcanic crater from which most of the mysterious statues on the island were carved.

The Lost History of Easter Island (Part 1)
Stranded in isolation, 2000 miles from the nearest inhabited shore, Easter Island has become famous as one of the most mysterious places in the world. Known in ancient times as Te Pito o te Henua (the Navel of the World), the island is most famous for its massive statues recognized throughout the world. But a plethora of other enigmas have intrigued researchers as well.

The Fantastic Creatures of Angkor
Spread out amongst the dense jungles of Cambodia hide the remains of an ancient and grand civilization know as Angkor. While most visitors focus on the beauty of the city’s towering temples, another story lies in the intricate stone carvings adorning the buildings. These inscriptions depict strange mythological creatures including giant snakes, ape-men and even a dinosaur.

China's Lost Pyramids
Deep within China near the ancient capitol of Xi'an lies a series of pyramid mounds virtually unknown outside the country. Entwined with the reality of these remote tombs, lies a legend of an even greater pyramid seldom seen; a pyramid of such size and grandeur as to put all the other pyramids of the world to shame. This is the legend of the white pyramid of China.

Newport's Mystery Tower
Perched atop a hill in Rhode Island, the Newport Tower stands as one of this country's longest enduring architectural enigmas. For over a century the debate has raged over the identity of the builders of this structure. Speculation has ranged from early colonists to the Norse to the Chinese to the Norwegians and Swedes. But the full story of how this great monument came into being may not yet have been told.

Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania
In Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania lies a field of boulders that just won't keep quiet. Known as Ringing Rocks Park, this jumble of enigmatic stones has perplexed researches for decades because of the melodious tones the rocks produce when struck with a hammer or any solid instrument. But ringing rocks aren't the only unexplained things at this site.

Mysteries of the West Coast (Part 2)
America's West Coast is full of interesting and unexplained sites. In Part 1 of this report I recounted the first half of my journey from Los Angeles to Vancouver and back. Along the way, my friend Eric and I stopped at fascinating sites like the Berkley Mystery Walls, Lava Beds National Monument and a Stonehenge replica. On the way back we visited just as many mysterious places including the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, Gingko Petrified Forest and many examples of ancient rock art.

Mysteries of the West Coast (Part 1)
The western United States is home to many interesting and unexplained places. On a recent trip to Canada, instead of flying, I decided to travel by car and investigate some of the more unusual sites found along the coast. Along the three-day, 1300-mile drive from Los Angeles to Vancouver I would explore deserted caves, uncover ancient artwork and even make an unexpected stop at Stonehenge.

A Home Built for Haunting
In the heart of San Jose, California, Sarah Pardee Winchester, heir of the $20 million Winchester rifle fortune, constructed a home like no other in the world. Designed to please the benevolent spirits and evade the evil ones she believed surrounded her, this residence has come to be known as the Winchester Mystery House.

Treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain [ Members Only ]
Nehalem is the site of a series of mysteries so entwined, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Clatsop Indian legends tell of a “winged canoe” that dispatched a team of men who buried a chest, presumably filled with treasure, and marked the spot with an inscribed rock.

The Legends of Mount Shasta [ Members Only ]
Towering in isolation above the surrounding landscape, Mount Shasta is a mountain shrouded in mystery and the unexplained. With stories of underground cities, flying saucers, unexplained lights and encounters with unusual beings, it would be hard to envision a place with more mystique than Mount Shasta.

California's Bigfoot Cave [ Members Only ]
The land from northern California up to Canada is considered by many to be the home of one of the world’s most elusive creatures. Deep within the Tule River Indian Reservation, in central California, lies a small cave that is reported to house some startling images that many believe might represent Bigfoot.

The Mysterious Mima Mounds [ Members Only ]
Throughout western America from Washington to Texas, strange mounds found dotting the landscape have perplexed both scientists and interested onlookers for over a century. No one is sure how the mounds were formed, but the theories surrounding them seem endless.

Exploring Ancient Hawaii [ Members Only ]
Hawaii is a land filled with ancient and mysterious places. Once you venture outside of the big name resorts, the islands have much to offer anyone interested in the ancient or the unexplained. While visiting Maui, I recently had the opportunity to explore the island and visit a few of its ancient sites.

In Search of the Lost City in the Grand Canyon [ Members Only ]
After months of preparation, I was finally ready to begin my descent into the Grand Canyon in search of the lost city said to lie somewhere in its depths.

Dinosaur Petroglyphs of Arizona [ Members Only ]
While participating in the Crack-in-Rock hike at the Wupatki National Monument, I had the opportunity to see some fascinating petroglyphs including some that could be interpreted as dinosaurs, dragons or even men in space suits.

Mysteries of the Grand Canyon Rim [ Members Only ]
Recently, I traveled to the rim of the Grand Canyon to do some camping and survey possible locations for the secret cave entrance described by G.E. Kinkaid in 1909.

The Giants of Blythe [ Members Only ]
Nazca, Peru is famous for the lines and figures of both animals and humans that dot its landscape. However, few people are aware that the American Southwest is also home to a large number of figures and shapes carved into the desert floor. I traveled to Blythe, California to visit one of the better-known sites where several of these forms can be seen.

Kalimu & the Sphinx of Los Angeles [ Members Only ]
Is there evidence of an ancient culture that once existed right outside of modern day Los Angeles? Did this culture create great stone monuments and structures such as large stone walls, rock faces and even a giant sphinx that can still be seen today? As unlikely as that sounds, I decided to hike into the Santa Monica Mountains and investigate the evidence for myself.

A Lost City in the Grand Canyon? [ Members Only ]
A 1909 Arizona Gazette article details the discovery of a “great underground citadel” located in the Grand Canyon. Contained in the ancient system of tunnels and caves were purportedly mummies, hieroglyphics and evidence of a culture with an “oriental origin, possibly from Egypt.”