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UnexplainedEarth is an online journal of my personal accounts of exploring mysterious places and unexplained phenomena. This is a site about travel and seeking answers to the unknown. This is a site about a search for the truth.

Some of the reports that you’ll find here might include visits to:

  • ancient sites like standing stones, petroglyphs or pyramids
  • sites with repeatable unexplained phenomena such as Earth lights
  • haunted places
  • areas that might contain unexplained or out of place animals
  • caves or subterranean passages
  • lost or forgotten cities

An important part of traveling and exploring is being prepared. To that end, besides reports on unexplained and mysterious places, this site features information on some of the tools of the trade that can be important or useful to have when hiking, camping or traveling. You’ll find that information in the Gear section.

When possible, locations or directions will be given to reach a site, but for safety reasons or for the sake of protecting the site, that might not always be the case. Reports will focus on places that can be visited right now. However, certain sites might not be easy to get to or might even be dangerous to approach.

Think of this site as a travel guide to the unexplained and the mysterious. If you a visit a place that I’ve written about here, please let me know. Also, if you know of a place that needs investigation or should be featured on this site, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

-Chris Maier