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For less than that cost of many monthly magazines, membership to UnexplainedEarth gives you exclusive access to information and resources found nowhere else. The Members area of UnexplainedEarth contains more than 100 pages and over 600 high-resolution photos not found on the main site. Additional content includes a full archive of reports and newsletters, my gear list and driving directions and GPS coordinates to the sites I’ve visited. Lastly, members gain access to my personal database of thousands of unexplained and mysterious sites found around the world.

Join now, or read a full listing of the benefits of membership below:

Exclusive Members Reports: Exclusive members only reports will be published in the Members section that are not made available on the main site. Sign up today so you don’t miss out on an exciting report!

Reports Archive: Members have access to a full archive of reports including A Lost City in the Grand Canyon?, Kalimu & the Sphinx of Los Angeles, The Giants of Blythe, Dinosaur Petroglyphs of Arizona and Exploring Ancient Hawaii among others. As always, these are first hand reports of my visits to and personal observations of these mysterious and unexplained locations and you can only read them here!

Access to the Unexplained Sites Database: Access to my personal database of thousands of anomalous sites around the world is granted only to members. This geographical database includes detailed information on ancient sites and lost cities, cryptozoologic wonders, haunted places, spiritual sites and lost. Using this system, you can explore unexplained sites near your hometown or help plan an upcoming vacation.

Early Access to Reports: Priority access to new reports is always given to members. Read new reports before anyone else!

Priority Email Address: Through the member’s only email address, I’ll personally answer any questions members may have about a particular site or any of the topics covered on this site. Responses will generally be received within a few hours.

Newsletter Archive: Some newsletters contain exclusive content found nowhere else. Members have access to all newsletters previously published.

Gear Reports: Members have access to exclusive reports explaining many of the items I bring with me when exploring new sites. This includes my list of ultra-light backpacking gear that I used when exploring the Grand Canyon and my homemade camping “kitchen.”

High-Resolution Photos: High-resolution photo galleries are now available for every article. By joining, you will have access to over 500 digital photos of unexplained sites that you’ll find nowhere else.

Driving Directions & GPS Coordinates: Detailed driving directions and when available, GPS coordinates are now provided for all of the locations I’ve visited. Some of these sites are very difficult to find, so save yourself hours of research and frustration and learn where to go before you set out on your own explorations.

Members Only Trip Notes: I do a lot of traveling and sometimes I’m away for weeks or even months at a time. Members will receive exclusive emails with trip notes as I write them, on-site from around the world. Much of the emails will be composed of exclusive content that will not be republished anywhere else. Less formal than the normal newsletter, these notes will not be archived and are only available to current members. So join now and don’t miss out on my trip notes from my journey to Asia where I’ll be exploring such mysteries as the lost pyramids of China, the enigmatic Naree Pons of Thailand and ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Membership to UnexplainedEarth costs as little as $2.99 for a one week trial membership or just $6.95 per month for a full membership. That’s less than an issue of Fortean Times and many other monthly publications. Part magazine, part research tool, part travel planner, join UnexplainedEarth now and start enjoying the benefits of membership today.

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